Punta Mala ́s Proyect is a property of 109 hectares, 0378.97 M2, located in Punta Mala in the provincia of Puntarenas, in Parrita, Costa Rica. The Property is located near of several turist atracction as Hermosa Beach, Esterillo Beach, Manuel Antonio Beach, downtown and Jaco beach and Herradura Beach. Is 125 Kilometers of the downtown of Cost Rica, San José. Subsequent to the phase of the analysis of the existing conditions of the property, that showed to the physical opportunities and limitations of the site and majorities that could affect the Masterl Plan; we proposed two options of Conceptual Master Plan.

With Conceptual the Master Plans it investigated the potential of development within the site defining uses to develop. The uses of the project were presented like diagrams of “bubbles”, to show to the physical interrelation of each one with the site and the other contiguous uses. One you see defined the potential of development of the property and the general concept, was come to analyze infrastructure works raised by the consulting company of engineering DEHC, which according to its recommendations considers to elevate the streets to 80m, which generates surroundings based on an architecture on piles. This way it would be possible to be taken advantage of the sectors with possibility from the sea view. The Master Plan shows the definitive development in agreement with the site analysis, the conceptual proposals of differents development possibilities and the preliminary master plan, which raises in addition to the conclusions of the previous stages, the different residential products, the interrelation among them and the set like so, generating stages of development for sale and the construction.


Punta Mala is a property that counts on a constat topography, vegetation by sectors, zones of mangrove in the property line, river basins and rivers 250mts in front of the sea, reason why lends for diverse uses and great variety of activities, generating surroundings integrated to the zone. That ́s becomes a very dynamic project in his activities, sensations and architecture. And in addition it looks for to create an atmosphere of ecology in his design, being created the smaller possible impact to the existing surroundings.

The proposed uses are :
▪ Single Family de 2000M2
▪ Single Family de 1250M2
▪ Single Family de 1000M2
▪ Single Family de 750M2
▪ Club House (Restaurant / Bar, Sports areas, Spa)
▪ Three Houses
▪ Beach Club (Restaurant / Bar, Small villas, Pool “Rancho”)
▪ Adventures Activities (Kayacs, Surf Boards, Trails, Hiking, Bikinig, Boats, Climbing)

The green and common zones are integrated to the propose activities by means of “trails” incorporated to “green coridors”, which communicate the propose zones of logo and existing manglar.


▪ Study the potencial of the property
▪ Take advantages of the natural elements, slopes, views, to create a Project within the existing envoriment.
▪ Create a dinamic Project to have a conection wiht the landscape elements, land uses and activities.
▪ Incorporate existing natural spaces such as forests islands, mangrove zone, river and protection rivera areas.
▪ Define the land use to develop.
▪ To have an estimated chart of areas for each zones.
▪ Incorporate engineer and architectural consulting.
▪ Base on the preliminary Master Plan, we area going to present the Final Master Plan, with the analisys studies made, concepts and types of land uses.

Physical Condition Analysis

Topographic survey on Jan 11

Elevation Analysis

Analysis of pending

Runoff Analysis

Vegetation Analysis


Feasibility And Delimitants Analysis

Master Plan Concept A

Master Plan Concept B


Final Master Plan

The final Master Plan is made up of the following uses: club house, single family of different lots dimensions, tree Houses, beach club, etc, all the spaces relations by means of “green corridors”, integrated to surroundings of adventure activities.

This terrain features allow to include different types from adventure sports as Biking, Hiking, Climbing and kayaks. Also to make green corridors to preserve the fauna and existing flora that are part of the attractive beauty and of the zone.

To enter the property goes by the Highway of the “Costanera Sur” called Route n°41,, taking the access of the Servitude of passage from 2.1km which finishes off with the entrance of the Project Bad End. This located in the lowest part of the land Integra to the context with the handling of monumental architectonic volumes but to his you see yourself transfer permeability, nature and movement.

Along side left of the entrance the street is located that goes to the beach, itself gives access a group of “Single Family”, with a lot average of 1000m2, also a second group with lot average of 750m2, which have a view in front of the ocean. This sector of the project presents/displays a constant topography, reason why it recommends to construct the residences on piles because water level passes the limit normal that it has the land at raining season. If you see the spaces are integrated to the mangrove, which is next to the northwest of the property.

As it ends of the street is located the “Beach Club”, with an area approximated of 2500m2, which are developed in an area with Restaurant, swimming pool and farm and 10 small equipped villas, all spaces integrated to the natural surroundings, with the handling of materials natural, own humid tropical forest.

The route goes by the bridge continues creating a connection between opened spaces like the lake, the green street, zones and volumes as the propose residences in another group of “Single family”, with a size of lot average of 1250m2 that are located strategically are integrated to the context natural of the green space and water, altogether with a treatment of textures colors without altering the means in which they are.

Between this zone of single family, is located the area of the “Club house” near a small hill, which offers attractive tourist and a recreational one, made up of swimming pool, Jacuzzi, surrounded by a small island of forest, gymnasium, Spa and exclusive entertainment for the users of the project. It permeable architecture and is complemented with the magnificent colorful of the humid tropical forest.

Towards the northeast next to of the property, is another residential concept called “Tree houses”, adapted to the land in its totality. Tree houses are simple but strong structures with great transparency and quality of space, forest is introduced completely in this type of architecture complemented with the handling of the material, the light and the water.

An average sector of the property, is located another proposal of residences in “Single family”, with lots average of 2000m2 which maintain the same typology of the previous ones, surrounded by forest and a lake area, which Integra of natural form the open spaces that interrelate, his you see gets up another zone of “Tree houses”, this sector has a special concept, since it is surrounded by a lake with green zones, the zone of protection of the Tulín river, and the zone of manglar. These architectonic spaces have an approximated area of 160 to 180m2 each unit, within lots of 2000M2.

In order to finalize the route and the concept of the design, in one of the most attractive zones by its forest, is located another zone of “Tree houses”, towards the northeast at the end of property, integrated to the land without hitting means, handled by a simple and permeable style, so that they can contemplate to the fused forest and water within an architectonic concept.